Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Videos like this exist and are popular...

If that helps explain why there are so many calls and questions to Congressional offices about 9-11 conspiracy theories. Wouldn't it be more convienient if the voters 'got the memo' and stayed on message about the environment and small time economic reform, instead of worrying about the constitutional crisis we are in, the abuse of privacy and the engineering of an authoritarian spectacle?

I wish there was more discussion of the anthrax attacks, or the tuleremia alert during the Sept 2005 protest. I got sick after that (a rash almost right away), and even though I took Cipro, that I had left over from my trip and had to take another antibiotic after getting my lungs X-rayed, back in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Interesting protocols when someone shows up at the ER with complaints that appear to to originate from a bioterror attack, aren't there?

Some people used to call me LD50. My knowledge of biology might help me, as Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her Cassiopeans said in some of their dialogues, knowledge protects. Or I might just be lucky. I was lucky I had Cipro on me in D.C., but in normal daily life I am lucky that I am immune from hassles like poison ivy, too.

It might all be chance. It might all be a coincidence. After all I saw a dead rat on the steps to one of the museums, and I saw the lawnmowers going all day that day. Climate people and epidemiologists should really consider whether that string of East Coast tuleremia alerts was likely. Just for people who are interested in recording history, before it changes too much.

There is a new and better dream for America. Biology is a part of it, despite the New Age, quantum whitewash. Biodiversity is a useful toolset that we can't rebuild by our own tools and ingenuity. We should protect and preserve it, even if we believe in metaphysics that don't explain for it, or value it over freewill.

There is a part of The Secret where Michael Beckwith says something about physical laws, about gravity being at play. Well, there are biological processes at play, like respiration, too, and that ties into the availability of foodstuffs, the carbon cycle, etc. Plants respire too. And they seperately photosynthesize, but not all of them do.

In 1996, I heard Peter Raven make a speech where he talked about humanity diverting, redirecting, interupting or more or less capturing the photosynthetic potential of 40% or so of available terrestrial photosynthetic production.

Not only are there human carbon emissions (breathing), but human activity (commerce, industry, transportation, land management regimes) is responsible for the liberation of natural carbon sources that had been sequestered by plants, in burning forests and peat, in accelerating rot, and denying space for plant life, through sprawl, development and paving.

If I can't have towering Sumatran dipterocarps overhead, covered with scrambling figs, hoyas, and the Tetrostigma vines that feed the various respiring but non-photosynthetic Rafflesia, then I'll take deep prairie sod underfoot.

I am going to choose to focus on the progressive spectacle of life, which in my dream has as much room for secular, spectacular pornstars delivering humanitarian relief, BustyRelief® (trademark me), as it does charismatic Christians on the otherside of the international, all media encompassing cultural war.

We can do something "good" with lust and this pesky carbon cycle thing that seems to have as much effect as time and gravity, in creating a liveable world for ourselves, and any offspring we desire to succede us in caretaking for creation.


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