Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blogrolls - Love and Insurrection

The Out of Iraq Bloggers' Caucus has grown yet again with the addition of Lost Chord.

The long and lonely road of blogging to change the world is one the timid and mild should never undertake. It is brutally cold, cut-throat and lonely, yet eventually you stop walking and talking with the wind and those re-emergent childhood friends who've come back to haunt you and parasitize your fevered, blogging brain. It happens that you've actually run into fellow adventurers in real life, not in some George Soros-funded blogger get-together where the left-most end of corporate politics pours out cup after cup of subsidized ethanol, but out there on the edge of madness itself, on the motherfucking dancefloor, or while robbing a liquorstore to pay the overdue rent. So it is that I too now have friends, and their blogs will be listed. If only I also had met blogging hotties on that Canadian border, that day I was so lovingly turned back, but they refolded my clothes and read my notebooks with surprise and adulation, I know there are some tall, blonde jack-booted CBP babes that also belong on this list. Is there a discotheque in International Falls where we could meet again?

My notebooks revealled to them my dangerous mission, to change culture, and to the same extent that my impressive collection of pornographic magazines and sex toys betrayed my encyclopedic knowledge of the methods of that inverse of torture, love.

"You may not wage your crossborder electronic erotic jihad from the sanctuary of Ontario" was the ruling of the moment, that fateful day. Yet it was wise, as elements of the American security state roam the streets of Toronto right now, trying to interview deserters, while disguised as plainclothes officers of the law.

Anyway, the new blogroll on the sidebar as well, and I introduce three new, perhaps less political but equally desperate engines of online culture in my new blogroll:

Furious and impulsive, expert bloggers need/receive love:

The Ponkey is a former City Pages music section writer who drinks wine on Easter, Errant Progression is a budding chef who will fatten up lonely Minnesota craigslist chicks in exchange for physical love, and RL Pottenbaum is a street-smart photographer who happens to have a blog and an attractive friend (Corinne Caoutte) who did dance with me last Thursday night.

The criteria for being added to my blogroll is that you have to have a blog with some cultural significance, and you (or a friend) have to be attractive (a pretty girl, or a smart girl, or both + healthy) and willing to buy me a beer and dance with me. I think that is fairly straightforward, and easy if you are in Minneapolis (or soon, Las Vegas!)

For further reference - Chubby Chaser, are you for real?. Dan Savage explains the cruel vice of our new friend, Buendia, and for those of you overseas, everything that you wanted to to know but couldn't ask about love in America... plus impeachment!

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