Monday, April 30, 2007


I am still in California after the State Democratic Convention, which I will have more to say about, and pictures to post, as soon as I have someplace to get set up and upload photos, do laundry, repack for the trip back to Minnesota, and figure out what I need to do to pay for gas, etc.

My mom is in the hospital, so I should probably head back soon, and I had been hoping she would be able to transmit funds that arrived in the mailbox to me on me on the road. My sister is worried about her, but says that my mom thinks she is fine and that I shouldn't have to cut my trip/new life short, but we are all too stoic and unable to ask for the help we need.

I will hang out for at least a few hours in Long Beach (and try to meet with Page Morgan about the fact that she is really sexy and we should do something with my photos of her and, maybe go pass out some handbills at UCLA or North Hollywood and then, I guess, head back to Minnesota for a while and share what I have learned on the road with all of my friends and collaborators, and to some extent, you readers of this blog...

I will do a serious post on the California State Democratic Convention and Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich as soon as I can find a place to set up my computer and use an ethernet interface to connect to the the internet.

Kinko's is too expensive.


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