Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ellison, again, votes to fund war; Seksi proposes to Keeley Hazell

Rep. Keith Ellison has once again thumbed his nose at his most ardent supporters and voted to fully fund George W. Bush's war for the foreseeable future.

I hope he realizes that this will likely be his only term in Congress.

Liar! Thief! Murderer!

I honestly expected more from him, even though it was clear to me from his notes supporting Hatch and Klobuchar to the Peace First! community that he was a career-minded machine politician, playing to a gullible crowd grasping at any sign of hope.

That machine politics career might work in Colin Peterson's district, but I have a sense that Minneapolis and Hennepin County want more than just two-faced, run of the mill politicians for representation.

I would support Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, or even someone like Mike Erlandson (who will admit to taking some military-industrial complex money in exchange for votes like Keith's) than do anything to help send someone back to D.C. who promises one thing and does another. Sabo would have cast the same vote!

If Jack won't do it, I will, but only if Keeley Hazell will marry me, so I have an attractive British wife to tell the truth for me in an adorable accent while I am making more principled votes in Congress... Keeley Hazell will you marry me, and enable me to run for U.S. Congress? Will you help me end this insane war?

Roll Call vote - Ellison voted for war funding supplemental

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