Tuesday, April 17, 2007

H.R. 1591 in Conference Committee; Las Vegas

Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson have made a post worth considering today on the Progressive Democrats of America blog: Military Families Say: Fund Our Troops and De-fund the War.

It is my strong feeling that if there is not a clear mandate for an immediate and full withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq in the final language of the conference committee bill, that Congressional Progressive Caucus members and the Out of Iraq Caucus should not be expected to vote for the Emergency Iraq War Funding Supplemental.

There would be plenty of Republican votes to pass HR 1591, as it keeps the Bush Administration's war going for as long as he wants it, and delivers the prize to Bush's corporate backers in pork for military hardware, and in forcing the Iraqi government to pass the hydrocarbon law...

I am still very sleep deprived after the long drive out here, the frenetic attempt to enjoy Vegas with my co-pilot (and existential detective) before she had to head home, walking the strip to many times, and maybe sleeping funny on my foot. I can hardly walk, and I am tired, so it is nap time...

I want to report that there have also been many small sucesses in networking here... an organized "meetup" and plenty of useful face to face exchanges with people I have met nearly randomly.

I am comfortable with the strength and direction of the progressive, pro-peace Democrats I have met in Nevada so far. The desire for peace, excitement for this early caucus opportunity that exists for Nevadans in 2008, and a heightened awarenesss of environmental constraints (water, energy, climate change triggered by CO2 and other human actions) is palpable here in the local media and in most of the conversations I've had with people on the sidewalks, cafes, casinos, etc. On the otherhand, I have heard a lot of cynicism about the large sums of money involved in this coming campaign cycle, and the seemingly small impact of any individual effort by a single, average citizens, more from tourists on the Strip, but that is another opportunity, a sign of the need for serious populist organizing.

Meet people, communicate, organize, and contact your elected representatives. Let them know they will be help accountable for not taking concrete steps to end this war now, not some time in the future, picked for political purposes...

Update: added the text: (and existential detective)


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