Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kucinich delayed but he did it! Corinne Caouette plays tonight! (Wed 25th)

Articles of Impeachment vs. Vice President Dick Cheney (and supporting documents)

Kucinich panicked a few of us when he delayed his introduction of impeachment due to rumors of Cheney's ill health, Cheney could see a doctor in an unscheduled, emergency sort of wat everyday to avoid impeachment if that worked. When it was clear that Cheney was only undergoing a routine sort of examination, Kucinich rescheduled his press conference for 5PM. (It had been scheduled for noon). So while I was frustrated with the delay, I am happy now with the re-engagement. This is what I had written before:

If Cheney plays sick, like some downtrodden Third World dictator trying to avoid prosecution, like Pinochet or Suharto, you don't stop the process of seeking justice and accountability. Not in the America I used to know, not in the America that was better than those Cold War puppet shows gone out of control.

Because pretty girls remain motivators in a world where seemingly great leaders are destined to fail me, Kucinich is dropped from my front-paged friends list on Myspace, and Corinne Caouette gets that top spot. This is her message today:

Corinne Caouette plays Barbette

Wednesday April 25
10 until midnight.
See you there!
Eat food. Drink wine.

She will sing suitably sad and haunting songs for this day. And she is pretty.

Please go see her show. I cannot. I am trapped in a desert valley populated by strippers and real estate hustlers, tending a "catshit combine" and a couple of spoiled cats, coaching campaigners, and preparing to be angry or possibly even pleasantly surprised at the California State Democratic Convention in the next few days, depending on whether meaningful new action happens in Congress (e.g., impeachment, or voting down the new H.R. 1591 out of conference committee) or any "Punk-rock Pornstars for Peace" want to join my entourage and caravan on down to San Diego.

I remain thankful that I have lots of mangos and pineapples to eat, and that I didn't lose any limbs or screw up my life in any noble impulse become bad dream of serving this once great nation in the military, etc.

Fuck! But at least I helped stop a small war that no one cares about, and built this dumb blog, and manage to keep a few peaceniks inspired even though it seems that is a totally irresponsible attitude, to be inspired, these days. Someone, please, inspire me back...

Update: Somewhat re-inspired, as the Press Conference is now on again for 5PM Eastern:

Media Advisory: Kucinich to move forward with Impeachment News Conference

Washington, Apr 24 -

The news conference will be:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 5 p.m. on the Cannon Terrace, intersection of Independence and New Jersey Avenue


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