Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tech support for the revolution; Love

Really significant things are happening faster than I could possibly comment on on this blog, and I need to not just blog, but do the whole "process improvement" dance with the people who are helping make some of these things happen.

Today I did a bigger e-mail, and made handbills that mentioned and prep-ed? the crowd for the Articles of Impeachment of Dick Cheney that is still coming down the pipe in the next few days. I also totally blew a chance to go on some kind of gimp date with a cute girl that I met who now hates this blog, but also has a messed up ankle/foot. I am not so so smooth, but I do know that a degree of smoothness and social skills can be learned, maybe at the expense of forgetting some key tech skills.

I guess I am going to allow myself to continue to flow in that grainy, grey or darkly lit milieu of slightly imperfect specimens with the slightly gimp walks, the love handles and the beautifully-blue-crossed-eyes in quantity, maybe even skinny tall things with pale faces and A-cupped breasts, who either value or can stomach truth and my absolutely implausible lifestyle vs. that pretend world of always looking nice, smelling nice, pretending the world is not at war. I'll take Love in the Shadows, even though I can sometimes appear qualified for the Ken & Barbie dance. It was perhaps the sunlight and the atmosphere, the suit and the espresso that made me look like I was not, in my core, a Malay pirate with rotting teeth, with a temporary fetish for Kipling's busty english maids with their "beefy face an' grubby 'and--".

I have to tuck away my too easily-faked gentlemanly and charismatic persona to start doing more real strategery, as I guess it is now called, and write some cheat sheets and instruction booklets, and maybe encourage my existential detectives to help me select some passages from his blog for a best of "Peace, Love and Erica Campbell" fanzine to sell at the local swap meets here. I have to make some maps and count some votes and stop playing, as if were are not serious about survival on our terms versus those of Cheney/Halliburton and Bush/Gonzalez. I could use some Barbie doll accomplices to do the handbill distribution, persuasion and contribution collection bit while I crack open my dusty UNIX books, slap together an Asterisk PBX, and teach more people how to blog and win at SEO.

Love in the Shadows is a tune by the Magnetic Fields about gimp love in the three volume CD set "69 Love Songs". I recommend listening to it some time. Okay, I recommend listening to that CD set over and over and over again for at least a year, nearly continously. I did that once, in a town called Berkeley, when I could live in a nice apartment, drink too much good beer alone in the bathtub reading programming books, and pretending that something like 9-11 was not about to happen. When I imagined that images of girls on flickering screens could replace the real thing in my life, and that was a cold and cruel calculation that I believed was necessary if I was going to master the internet and make enough money, fast enough, to save some Narrow Corner of the world. Of course, that is a Somerset W. Maugham reference, and I recommend spending a lot of time in the tub reading him, when you get to the point when you realize that the programming books, the image substitutes for real flesh and real companionship are not enough, and you develop a thing for either island life or chubby redheaded Russian women from Kazakhstan who have an M.A. in English, focused on the colonial experience.

I actually fear women, as much as I love them, a couple of them have come pretty close to destroying my soul, along with my credit and reputation. I am a chicken, but I am also "A Chicken with My Head Cut Off".

We will have a crazy orgy, or at least a beer, when Cheney's been impeached. Then we can make that rubber catsuit, and the documentary explaining nearly all of this nonsense, too.

Aerosmith will play at Mandalay Bay on Impeachment Day.

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