Monday, May 14, 2007

Blackwater, Impeachment

Edging has a post today on testimony on the impact of Blackwater and other contractors in Iraq.

I've watched "So Goes the Nation" twice since I've arrived in Las Vegas this time. I've also spent some time with the "Politics the Wellstone Way" book I've introduced people to out here, and I am becoming convinced that despite the early heat up towards the 2008 endorsing conventions, what this country needs, and what the the activists and politicians and citizens need is a 3-week intense, grassroots campaign on the issues behind H. Res 333, the articles of impeachment against Cheney, which continue to gain more co-sponsors and more public awareness.

I should have a clearer lit piece. Something just on impeachment, non-partisan, but what I have is still tinged with electoral politics, not pure issue advocacy, but you can use it to get started, or useit to create your own piece, just print out a couple dozen, cut them up into quarter pages, and go find a crowd: Quarter page handout for Kucinich, H. Res. 333 (Impeach Cheney!).

Getting ths into the hands of unusual audiences (truckers, cops, nurses, seniors, the military) matters more than people who have already obviously got the message. Be brave. Grow awareness of the reality of impeachment outside your comfort zone of progressive activists and Democrats. You will find the general public supports impeachment. Assume support and look people in the eye as you hand them their flyer, smile and say, "We are finally impeaching the Vice President!"

Let me know by email or by coments here how it goes, or if you have better lit pieces that I could host or link to.



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