Friday, May 18, 2007

Blue Girl's post - Tony “the Poodle” Blair...

Top blog aggregators and blog round up sites are noticing Blue Girl's review of the Chatham House Report "Facing Realities in Iraq".

As Tony “the Poodle” Blair was jetting off toward Washington for his last official visit and ear scratching, and a billet in the Queen’s Bedroom, the renowned British think-tank Chatham House released a scathing report on the state of Iraq.

Blair and Bush, in their meetings, will be celebrating victory in Iraq, and plotting ways to spread their method to remanifest the medieval glory of the Caliphate in other parts of that mind-boggling empire that once was and will rise again, with their determined efforts (to support Osama bin Laden, another favored poodle of Washington and Riyadh).

They will also discuss ways to put Tony into the seat that Paul Wolfowitz now occupies but soon must leave. But we mustn't shout "No!" to this, but "Yes!" to an alternative vision, of someone with credibility in the Islamic world and with serious anti-poverty creds as well, like Muhammad Yunus for World Bank President!

Anyway, go read Blue Girl's post and that Chatham House report!


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