Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Bookstore and the Topless Caberet

The bookstore and the topless caberet cleaned me out today, so now I have to get to work on my plan to become a profitable culture-generating enterprise. The stars shine on that sort of enterprise for me this week and the rest of the year, supposedly. Yayy! I will be able to afford more books and help my naughtiest, most naked friends pay for college! Serious dance parties will be on the calendar, as soon as the proceeds from the next series of cultural artifacs are produced! The best of his blog will become print, imminently! I'll sell copies on The Strip for awhile, and I'll be hapy to talk to distributors (of records, porn, newborn male goats in the spring, whatever). That's a shoutout to Hmong shamans and makers of fine goat curries that go great with honey wine and injera, I suppose, but I'll consider anything, even a PDF version you can print yourself, sell on your treet corner, and split proceeds with me on an honor system. Perhaps if you sell enough you can get an invite to those wild dance parties. Any sort of distribution channel will be considered. And I'll consider display ads for the fanzine, too. E-mail me: impeccableliberalcredentials (at) gmail [dot] com

So I meant to buy and read "Fear of Flying", by Erica Jong, but found nice transdimensional escapism and great writing about the body language of beggars, hustlers and thieves on DiscWorld by Terry Pratchett to buy instead, though I did sit down with Erica Jong for awhile. And then I sat down with a few bottles of Newcastles and a model-friend who is dancing in Vegas this weekend at the Olympic Garden.

The problem, and perhaps the solution, is a little too much escapism. A book for today, Jalisco or Dubrovnik for a semi-permanent vacation, tomorrow? The Creative/Revolutionary Class needs R&R, soon, with full accommodations/travel for a growing entourage. It is not an entourage without the tour, see?

Politics is not changing the ugliness of the situation fast enough. I will find pretty abroad, if we can't fashion paradise here domestically. I will. I will not create much economic friction here, if it sustains the war machine. We can drive to Jalisco from here, if not Amsterdam. We can withdraw support for this obviously illegitimate American War Party. It isn't a two-party system with folks like Pelosi, Emmanuel, Obey and Murtha defending the piracy of Iraqi oil reserves and financially rewarding the corporatists , defense and petrochemical interests who lobbied them to make this war possible in the first place.

Escapism this weekend near you:

Minneapolis events:

Friday Night:
Inside the 331 Club, at 8 pm,
Corrine Caouette kicks off the Art-A-Whirl weekend.
JoAnna James follows at 9:30 pm, and
Martin Devaney
plays at 11:30 pm.

(but as I said before in that post that drew some fire from Growth & Justice Club members, you can tip entertainers and barmaids at the 331 Club generously, vs. seeing Jon Stewart.

Saturday Night:
Corinne Caouette
The Nightengales
Heavy Sleeper
Matty Schindler
Revolver Modele
The Deaths
Sin City

Show starts at 8:00
Benefit for Toby Rae and her daughter Gitzie.
It's gonna be a beautiful night . .

I will, of course, still be in Las Vegas, slaving over some sort of PDF generating application and the best of my photos and scribblings, so that I can afford to go out agains someday soon, too!

If escapism makes you nervous, guilty, etc. then you can still attend the Art-A-Whirl events this weekend and work the crowd by distributing the pro-Kucinich, pro-Impeachment quarter page handbills I have mentioned here once or twice.

Before we escape, for the weekend, from the failed promise of the Democratic tidal wave of 2006, we can celebrate one small setback for PNAC:

Wolfowitz resigns. Replace Wolfowitz with Yunus, not Blair, I suggested before, and repeat today, emphatically.

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Blogger Charlie Quimby said...

"Fire from Growth & Justice Club members" — plural?

You have to be referring to my semi-sarcastic email, which I sent to you directly instead of posting a comment about the irony of being accused of self-promotion here. By all means, promote the Artawhirl events and the people who make their living from art, music and beer. I think you can do that just fine without demeaning an organization that is working on issues you care about.

7:49 AM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

I am referring in part to your e-mail. I have gotten others about that post.

I gave your e-mail fair consideration and gave you my best advice about organizing in my crazy e-mail reply.

Everyone who e-mails me these days seems to get a crazy e-mail reply :)

You will get a plug for your free event at the Minneapolis Book Arts center. Free. Even though most capitalist will actually freak out about something that is really free. Like the campaign against linux. On the other hand not everybody on foodstamps is hacking away on free software. Not everybody is looking for a handout, and not every needs to be interested in contributing to society. I envy those who can just have fun.

Someday, someone is going to have to put together something like the Diggers/Emmett Grogan's Free City collectives.

A Free printshop is something Minnesota's millionaires and billionares, begining to feel guilty about their disproportionate success while some parts of the world (and Minnesota) typically browner when it come to teir complexions, face disproportinate hardships, descrimination, genocide. That being said, I am not disavowing the political process and retreating back to my anarcho-syndicalist and millenial end-times Christian cult roots.

At some point we can in to whether or not these are the same issues that I care about, or care about in the same way.

I do want to leave a liveable world to our children, but I would not describe a liveable world in solely commercial terms.

Knocking your event and plugging something pop-culture has apparently generated a fair amount of interest in actualy attending your event, even with its exorbitant price tag for a truly progressive event.

Any, let's just say that when the whole system is malfunctioning to the extent that it is, that to lose sight on restoring lawful government and instead to lobby for more money for state education, when most Minnesotans would probably admit that the public school system has become part of he problem, dehumanizing kids, trapping them in a marketing environment for fastfood manufacturers and military recruiters, making them vulnerable to abuse by teachers and peers...

A populist with comfort using Christian terminology and wanting to establish rapport with some of our normal ideological opponents might describe the choice as "utterly Satanic".

I am, however, trying to remain soft-core and secular, pro-humans as critters in nature, despite the intrusion of the weird and spiritual into my mechanistic world view.

If I have to run in a GOP primary, ever, I will use that line. Its a good one, and its actualy a valid perspective. Its one we might hear someday publicaly from Ciresi, or people cose to Ciresi, I hope. We should have heard it from Ford Bell, he coud have capitalized n his Christian credentials.

Thanks for your comment, but I am going to assume that you aren't actually reading me regularly, that you just have a Google alert for "Growth & Justice", just as I have one set for "Department of Peace" and obviously need to set a couple more for "Erica Campbell" and "BustyRelief".

9:32 AM  
Blogger Charlie Quimby said...

And your email response was thoughtful, which was why your next post seemed like another slam. Sorry for being thin skinned.

5:30 PM  

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