Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cheney Impeachment handbill!

I have made some changes to my quarter-page Cheney impeachment handbills. Please take a look at that and print a few out, cut them up into quarter-pages and distribute them in your area. A face-to-face contact is better than dropping them off with the other free lit in your neighborhood coffeehouse, bus shelter, senior center, etc.

Do what you are comfortable with them. But developing the courage to introduce yourself and new ideas is a huge personal growth opportunity and a survival skill.

Impeachment of Vice President Cheney depends on your willingness to do the work to propagate the idea, the opportunity, and invite others to contact congress and exercise their rights and responsibilities as American citizens. We must remind our friends and neighbors that our elected representatives are there to act on our behalf if we will only overcome pessimism and cynicism and make those quick phone calls, U.S. House webform contacts and e-mails. The House switchboard number is: (202)225-3121 and the impeachment measure to voice support for is called H. Res. 333.

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