Wednesday, May 09, 2007

FY 2007 Emergency Supplemental, Round 2

David Swanson's has a post with warning that the Emergency Supplemental round 2 may consist of two seperate measures.

This part, "enacting a broadly accepted hydro-carbon law that equitably shares oil revenues among all Iraqis;", is pure spin and framing theft of Iraqi oil as something fair, and legitimizing both the invasion of Iraq and foreign investment/production sharing agreements and the arbitrary borders that define the modern state of Iraq now, but were the whim of colonial powers at the end of WWI, borders that created purposefully unstable states in the region and split strong tribal/ethnic areas of the Ottoman Empire (Kurdistan, Pashtunistan, Arabia) into multiple seperate states and colonial protectorates (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan).

It is not worth more U.S. treasure and servicemember deaths to hold together the stagnant vision of Sykes-Picot or to deliver the bloodthirsty dreams of Cheney/Halliburton, Condi and Chevron, etc. that justified the invasion of Iraq and told lies to the public and foreign states that once could trust the U.S. that transferred the responsibility of 9/11 from our Taliban and Arab-Afghan cold war allies to our cold war puppet Saddam Hussein.

Tell congress you have had enough of our corporatist adventure to secure Iraqi oil, and that it is time to defund the Iraq War now, and redeploy the U.S. combat forces in Iraq out of harms way now. Tell Congress that any Supplemental must prohibit use of fund to support more war-making against Iran. Tell Congress to defund any military support for the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia and other adjacents states in the Horn of Africa. Tell Congress war, and funding preparations for more wars is not the preferred path to stability, and militarism is not the best way to build ties internationally.


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