Saturday, May 19, 2007

Impeachment spectacles on the Strip in Las Vegas!

The cops didn't like the "free will contributions" part, but otherwise, you can apparently take signs out to public spaces and say what you want, you just can't accept donations. The Strip gives you thousands of eyeballs an hour, so its still worth being there, even if you can't have a tin cup to collect the odd dollar from the supportive high roller.

The "free will contributions" part was mostly tongue in cheek, because there is a guy, always, with a sign that says "I won't lie to you, I need a beer", begging on the pedestrian crossings, but I think he got rousted, too! However, I would have definitely made a contribution towards the rent of a few of my favorite models/stripper friends, if say, Pink Floyd, came along and put their money where there mouth was. That and made a few better signs, and a greater spectacle, with go-go dancers in furry platforms, the next day. And instructive, pro-impeachment handouts. And sunscreen.

Elvis and Seksi seeking impeachment, strippers in Las Vegas

Elvis gets away with accepting tips from people taking pics with him.

Tourist with Tats! Impeach! Strippers! Grr!

Some tourists, like this handsome fellow with tattoos thought it was enough fun to hold the sign for a picture. Tourists in Vegas like fun, they like weird. Really. Someone tell the Las Vegas PD!

Anyway, when the cops complained, I offered to alter the sign, but they said to get a new piece of paper... and I complied, rolling up the sign. I'll get a fresh peice of tag board and make a new sign tomorrow. What should it say? E-mail me!

Update: The sign has a white space to the left of "DANCE PARTIES WITH STRIPPER FRIENDS" because I was searching my memory for the word used by Page Morgan in her lastp communication to me, which was "SERIOUS", as in "yeah!! we should have a serious dance party, sir. asap". I would love to have that dance party be something in North Hollywood or Van Nuys, designed to increase pressure on Rep. Berman to get H. Res 333 through Judiciary. Something within that district. Maybe on the Sunset Strip. I have to get to know that area now, and soon. That is exactly what I would have done, if some wild eyed, high rolling, pro-impeachment Vegas winner had pressed a few thousand dollars in to my hand on Las Vegas' version of 'the Strip".

Instead, those donors will have to transmit it to me by mail (mailing address in this post) or Western Union. But we can do this. I can throw a crazy pro-impeachment party with the help of my pornstar and stripper friends, and generate some serious internet traffic and exposure to this issue. Unfortunately, nothing is free in this world, with perhaps the exception of my enthusiasm, and everyone's good intentions, before their committed to and made manifest in the world of form, beyond thoughts or simple gestures.

Any good political mixer is going to cost you a thousand dollars a ticket, what I need to find is a host committee willing to put something down up front on this, and we'll make it go. It'll be an event with mass appeal, but we could have private receptions and VIP areas or similar to take in as much as we can for impeachment advocacy from those who can afford it. Hollywood has more than a few people who can afford impeachment, and want to see Mr. Cheney go to prison.

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