Saturday, May 12, 2007

Iowa Independent: Made possible by hot, smart women

There is a new citizen-journalist blog-aggregator-thing from Iowa, the Iowa Independent.

While I still think the Ames Progressive is the coolest model for citizen journalism (print and online news and issue advocacy) that I have seen (apart from Fleshbot, maybe) I am happy to read that this thing has launched. It is a project that two really smart, hot women I know managed to pull off, despite their romantically disqualifying small flaws (one is married, one has an unsightly blue, abdominal scar (that's probably just sour grapes, normally I find scars kind of sexy, in a J.G. Ballard "Crash" kind of way).

Whatever. Read it. Advertise on it. Persuade its creators (the New Journalist program) it would be worth coming out here to Nevada to get go-go dancers to blog about politics and Nevada's historic early 2008 caucus event. Sexy single moms at the Olympic Garden deserve a stipend for finding an online voice that matches their onstage free-speech activities. A stipend beyond that I might be able to provide on my occasional visits to talk about free speech, the war in Iraq, and bikini waxing.

I'll eventually get around to applying for that job on the second floor. I am no hypocrite, I've been on stage at the OG twice...

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