Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Minneapolis, Friday Night choices... (May 18th)

While I am often a champion of paying to attend political events you can't afford (e.g. the DFL's Humphrey Day dinner), I have to say that even if you can afford $150 that the Growth & Justice event with John Stewart is something that I would pass up in favor of seeing Corrine Caouette (from the Le Cirque Rouge, etc.) at the 331 Club Art-a-Whirl event.

If you tip the musicians and the bartenders excessively, you can spend a $150/per person with people who are serious about something. Try it.

I have no evidence that the Growth & Justice group or the Gegax Family Foundation is serious about anything, save for self-promotion. I think that is essentialy true about Al Gore, too, but I know a few things about Gore's information-seeking habits that impress me, though it made being Cheney easier for Cheney. PDBs for the VP.

Basically, if you have a billion dollars in the bank and you want to change the world, just do it. If you don't know how, seek out a reliable guide. But don't count on those burdened by student loans and inappropriate job-skills for the global marketplace to hold your hands and praise you while you lobby to increase your own income taxes by the narrowest percentage. There ae a lot of people playing by the rules and failing, and it is not their fault that they were inculcated with the kind of morals that keep them wage-slaves in the Enron/Blackwater economic age.

Just saying. lots of people are going to feel that way. Why am I picking on the Gegax Family? It's the rubber, and the climate change. Throw a fundraiser for my rubber project and conservation scheme in Aceh, maybe with my 331 Club crushes as entertainers and bartenders, and I'll get over my Gore related grudges and get back to work on peacebuilding and reforestry in Aceh.

Anyway, Corinne Caouette has a very nice song we've heard during Drinking Liberally, on her MySpace page, and we are MySpace friends (she's still in the top spot, even though I pledged to put Congressman Kuninich back where Corinne Caouette is). So if you want to hear it you have to click through to her profile from my MySpace profile: The Real Seksi. Or just go to that show.

I'll still be in Las Vegas.

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