Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Obama campaign runner up in my contest in San Diego

The Barack Obama for President 2008 was the runner up in my unannounced contest at the California State Democratic Convention.

Basically I was looking to award some sort of recognition to the campaign that had the hottest, most energetic and sexy campaigners and if they had only had a little help from some girls I met in Nevada, at the Barack Obama office opening in Las Vegas, Obama would have won. Also, Obama would have won if I could have gotten over his pro-war voting record (he voted for H.R. 1591 which funded the Iraq War at unprecedented level in exchange for production-sharing agreements (privatization of Iraqi oil) for U.S. oil companies by requiring the Iraqis pass the Hydrocarbon Law, and for non-binding timelines. We cannot reward a war of aggression by awarding Iraqi oil reserves to Iraq war proponents and the companies owned and run by them, or we will initiate future wars of aggression for finite resources and profits, forever.

Here are the girls that helped them score 2nd place:

Cute-Obama-Supporter   Cal-Berkeley-Hottie-for-Obama

Here are the girls from Nevada that would have pushed them over the top:


The winning campaign will be announced shortly.

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