Thursday, May 31, 2007

Peace is Sexy

Out with the old (anti-war movement, Cindy Sheehan), in with the new (the pro-peace movement, sexy guys).

That's the message from this post on wonkette and the huge number of very excited comments:

Marine Corps Wants America's Favorite Marine To Shut Up!.

We had a strong feeling something like would cum about, and I am not sure what aroused anticipation, but a few of you have heard me rant about there being a need for some sort of macho-peace pole to balance the polarity of the maternal, grief-stricken, wisdom of moms like Becky Lourey and Cindy Sheehan.

Anyway, that moment is arriving, that big "Peace is Sexy" moment. Sex is of course how we give birth to new worlds. It's how we most sucessfully swap memes and genes and for better or worse, social diseases. Fear of sex, fear of talking about it as a common thread in culture, is how we turn against ourselves, or allow others to manipulate us and isolate us. Fear of sex has to be one of the greatest diseases that could plague a society that I can imagine. That fear of sex, the transference of sex attraction to physical, commercial products (like cars) and carefully managed celebrity with destructive habits and posh surroundings (Paris, Britney, Lindsay) vs.
really fit, really brave men actually taking affirmative action to secure the peace and freedom of others by taking part in civic life.

Sgt. Kokesh's bold, macho thrust begins to fill a hungry, gaping, aching hole in America's consciousness. She will need many more strong lovers.

Stop being so timid guys.

Peace is Sexy!


Blogger P M Prescott said...

The deviousness of the neo-cons. No draft means no protests. No one protests over running up the National Debt for the next hundred years. Those coming back in pieces or body bags volunteered or are mercenaries.

4:28 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

And only 12% or so of Americans have passports or travel overseas, and have seen the change in the way the rest of the world grieves for us and the way we've changed, and fears us when they used to love us...

4:38 PM  
Blogger Hill said...

Damn, I need a cig after reading this post.

6:33 PM  

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