Thursday, May 10, 2007

Richardson for President wins in California Democratic Convention

Bill Richardson for President won the prize at the California State Democratic Convention in San Diego.

Bill Richardson wins in California

Which prize? The "Hottest Campaign Staff/Volunteer" prize awarded by this blogger. As I posted earlier, Barack Obama's campaign placed second in California.

Here is the girl who secured the prize for Bill Richardson - I hope to see more of her on future trips to politic and report on politics in California!

Hottest campaign staff/volunteer - Richardson   Richardson campaign wins hotness contest in CA

California: Hottest campaign staff/volunteer - Richardson

Add your hotness and volunteer on the campaign: Bill Richardson for President. Another great "peace candidate" needing hot campaign volunteers: Kucinich for President 2008

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Blogger Kevin Magner said...

I believe the photo at the bottom says a lot about the current race for the Democratic nomation.

In the foreground, we have a young, vivacious woman, pair of glasses in hand, smiling with radiant optimism looking ahead toward the future. In the background, well... there's an elderly lady smoking while holding an Edwards sign (I feel it's inmportant to mention that indeed, there is someone else in this picture, otherwise you may have missed it). How this woman even managed to obtain a cigarette in the California Republic is still a mystery to me.

So what may I unfairly infer from this contrast? That we as Democrats should shy away from lending our nominative support to an old face who hasn't done much since 2004 and for all we know, maybe Edwards was just sitting at home watching Matlock while smoking? Works for me!

Fair and balanced? No. Richardson Bias? Yes. Over the line? Perhaps. But, it begs that a bigger question must be asked; if we truly are the company we keep then what can a woman's candidate say about her?

Obamamama: Attractive and charming, Obamamama is optimistic and ebulliently hopeful; thinks largely with her heart. Though she is very outgoing and in social events seems the life of the party, when you get her on your own you may discover her lack of experience to be unacceptable, no matter how aesthetically appealing she may seem. When trying to talk to her in a deep, intimate way, you find she's lacking substance and insight.

The Edwards Empress: Charming like Barackbabe but her biggest drawback becomes readily apparent when you open up your checkbook and see that she wrote a $400 check to her hairdresser.

Greta Gravel: If you're a masochist, you might enjoy a contentious dinner by candlelight with this cantankerous vixen. What is done with the melting wax is entirely her call.

Bidengirl: Approachable and intelligent, likely a teacher, Bidengirl may seem unnecessarily talkative and a bit too aggressive at times yet makes up for it with her sense of humor. Has a unique fondness for wigs.

Billbabe: The most pragmatically desirable woman imaginable, the female Richardson supporter is enthusiastic and friendly. Inherent male trepidation towards feeling of inadequacy stemmed from her intelligence and experience are laid to rest with a brilliant, self-deprecating sense of humor. In the midst of rising household tension, Billbabe respectfully and skillfully addresses the issue to find a sense of compromise in the most diplomatic way possible. You don't have to fear sharing a checking account with her, because she's fiscally responsible, you can feel good about letting her balance it! She's probably had quite a few different jobs, and has done well at all. Though she's happy with where she's at, she'll always feel the need to do something new and exciting. She also enjoys a good meal, preferably with a glass of milk. All in all, the best kind of girl to spend your time with.

I'm leaving Kucinich out of this cause his wife's a babe and Hillary would just be too easy.

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