Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wolfowitz: fuck

Angry Wolfowitz in four-letter tirade.

His nepotism and rule-violating preferential posting of his beloved Shaha at an excessive salary are the least of this man's miscalculations and crimes.

I've told a few of you what I overheard him say on the tarmac, in Banda Aceh. It wasn't profane, just dangerous and decidedly un-democratic. It would have been dangerous to repeat there, so I kept my mouth shut, for months.

I have told few larger, more interested and professional audiences about the problem of anti-Shariah propaganda on the goofy World Bank blog "Aceh Diary". There are suspicious articles based on those viewpoints in the NYT (which will never get a link from me, it is an irresponsible neo-con propaganda outlet, only).

The World Bank governors should sack him, and Bush and Cheney should be impeached.

Wolfowitz is dangerously, purposefully clueless for ideological reasons, but perhaps he believes he lives in his own universe, with his own rules, and has transcended reality.

People like that can sit on mountaintops, but they can't run the World Bank. Or shouldn't.

I propose Nobel prize winner (for tackling third world poverty with microcredit)Muhammad Yunus replace him, not the neo-con reward to a deposed poodle, Tony Blair.

For the sake of the long term respect and esteem of their necessary American partner, the World Bank should not allow the failing Bush/Cheney Administration to pick the next World Bank head.

I am for Yunus!

Update: There are numerous reports that Wolfowitz will resign today.



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Where's Wolfy in 2010?

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