Tuesday, June 05, 2007

California Transit; Regan Reese; We are Here to Go!

I went to an event for Diane Lefer last night at Dutton's Brentwood Books, where she read from her new book "California Transit". The event was interesting to me because of the promise of free food, of course, but especially interesting because on some of the websites about the author, she said things like, "For years I tried to divide my time and juggle creative work and activism. These days? Can't keep them apart."

She began the event by appearing in an orange jumpsuit with a black hood on, referencing Guantanamo and the problem of our secret detention facilities, our torture. I wasn't there at that point (traffic was bad, and I got a late start). Later she talked about the way she mixed ironic observations, like the time she saw (apparently she went to Guantanamo) a guy in a Santa Suit next to the trappings of secret renditions, military tribunals and ghost prisoners. Life is like that.

The story that I heard more about was a story that came out of a visit to the factory that makes the high-end silicone rubber sex dolls. She said the title came from the guy that picked up the very first Real Doll, claiming he just wanted it for a gag, to great people at a party, he wasn't buying it for, you know, pervy sex... yet the next day he returned it, with complains about the grip and the angle on entry to one orifice or another.

Another story she told had to do with the intensive management of drills in some zoo breeding program, the difficulties of being assigned to watch a male drill that was supposed to be breeding with members of his on sex, but would masturbate to her (an obvious sexual imprint on humans) and the break-up and death of a bonded but sexually/reproductive pair of drills (the female was post-menopausal) that caused death by heartbreak. I appreciate very much the mention of the great stress other species are under, at this time when we are so obsessed with the consequnces of our militarism, industrialism, and selfish sprawl into reminants of the habitat that once was.

Dutton's Brentwood Books is a very nice independent bookstore with a stack of literary fanzines for sale next to the register in the back room where the reading was. I liked it, very happy places like this still exist.

I had a wild dream last night with Regan Reese in it:

Regan Reese and Page Morgan

I had no complaints about the grip or the angle. Sometimes I look to my dreams for guidance. Does anybody else out there look to my dreamlife for guidance? I hope this means there might be a little competition here for my time, talents and attention in the remaining bit of time I have in LA... I would have things moving along a little faster in attracting people who will contribute energy, money, talent, content to the enterprise, if the goal is to have something for other webmasters to promote by Summer Internext.

While the first bit of 'angel investing' will not buy equity (at least without also getting Page's approval), it will buy you access and time to me and my talents, information, influence and social networks. 'The Angel' should also be someone who can guide us towards creating a corporation whose stock can be traded on the open market, an IPO for shares or eventually something like David Bowie's Bowie Bonds (Page will make music, other co-conspirators might make literary contributions, me - bits and pieces of software, photography, etc.). We are Here to Go!

If you need my attention, e-mail works best impeccableliberalcredentials (at) gmail [dot] com

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