Friday, June 29, 2007

Cheney, Addington, and the return of the King

Col. W. Patrick Lang has a post rich with history and patriotism called, Dick Cheney and the Return of the King, and that in turn links to tis piece by Aziz Huq in the Nation, Cheney and the Constitution. They are worth reading, if you think there is time for that.

Since I am not trapped in some cubical, I am going to print out more handbills and otherwise get ready for the two big events for Democrats in Minneapolis tonight, the Barack Obama visit (I could almost support Obama, if he would start leading on restraining the current administration and preventing war with Iran, or on getting us out Iraq, but he hasn't yet), and the other event being the DFL Progressive Caucus event at the Uptown Theatre for the 7PM showing of Michael Moore's Sicko.

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