Monday, June 11, 2007

East of the Rockies...

I am now east of the Rockies... I should be back in the Twin Cities within 24 hours. More posts when I arrive.

I am tired and stinky, but I am drinking in the reality of the rest of America after so much time in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I am still in a political marketting mindset (a deeply worn rut, I am trying to quit!) and very sympathetic to the small town entrepreneurs that are still hanging on, but it is damn hard to find anything independent close to the freeway. There is a great little internet cafe, called The Lotus, in Ft. Morgan, CO. Someday I'll have to create a map of all of these... mostly so I don't have to use the poorly configured computers at Kinko's, or spend too much money on some sort of EDGE or GPRS service and a new laptop.

I look at some of these small towns and gas station-based communities and I think about the complexities of the petrochemical economy, and the Asian Economic Crisis I saw in 1997-1998 in SE Asia, and its lingering after effects. I think it is unfair that that all of these earnest investers of sweat equity and modest capital are totally powerless to effect the macro-economic pressures that will bear down on them after our failure in Iraq, after the global loss of confidence in what was once America finally, and finally, sinks in.

On the otherside of the mountains I just passed over, I really liked the dry, empty, colorful and unscarred landscape of Utah.

You need to drive around in this country to remember how to seperate the current government and the economic establishment from the people and the landscape.

Despite the beauty of this country and the relative innocences of most its citizens, the crimes of this nation in launching wars of aggression to acquire the resources of distant lands does justify embargo and boycott of most of America's goods and services.

Some porn excluded - I'll do some research in to what I would call "porn for peace" and other cultural collateral that foreign consumers of American entertainment products could seek to reward, and stimulate a change in our culture, and stimulate, well, you know, while lessening the impact of the economic collapse on good people. Pretty girls are our oil, and porn, as an export, is better than war. We don't really know how to export peace, or appropriate technology that doesn't create an economically rewarding dependency for American companies. I will also continue to lead on the content labelling stuff that allows countries that don't want America's cultural export, porn, on their domestic internet networks.

I think I failed in doing fair trade rubber because the vested interest was too large, I did not have enough knowledge of the market, any of my own ships, or the interest of consumers (tires, condoms, gloves, fetish clothing manufacturers). I can do fair trade porn. The interest will be there, and somehow, I have enough of the right experience and contacts, and there is virtually no overhead.

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