Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ellison has enough DFL support to pursue impeachment

Last night the DFL's (Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party) 5th Congressional District Central Committee has strongly encouraged Rep. Keith Ellison to co-sponsor and advance H. Res 333, the impeachment of the Vice President.

I am headed to another Impeach for Peace event in Minneapolis tonight. I think we are getting close to seeing this through the Judiciary Committee, one way or another.

I made the following diary on DailyKos earlier today, and I would love to have your comments, recommendations and tips: Bustiest Tribunal Ever: Google Trends on Impeachment

You can also use Digg.com to boost the traffic to and the relevance of that diary. Thanks!

I am seriously going to spend less time on impeachment and politics, and more time organizing and improving my internet assets and creating a collaborative, culture-changing and enriching business with Page Morgan and other select stars.

I am willing to coach people who want to take over some of the necessary political organizing, and also, separately, to tutor anyone who will exchange work, capital and desire for knowledge and networking opportunities in the adult entertainment internet space. However, if impeachment hasn't progressed by Summer XBiz, when I return to Las Vegas, I'll do a little more then to boost Kucinich and impeachment, but now, my heart and energy belong more to the Love and Pretty Girls part of the Peace, Love and Erica Campbell equation.

Don't make me have to throw an impeachment party at the Olympic Garden during XBiz. My diary today and my pic of Sasha Grey should be enough to drive enough phone calls and e-mails to Congress... both out of newly generated interest in a broader base, and in fear that the impeachment movement will get totally out of control unless Congress actually exercises its responsibility...

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