Monday, June 18, 2007

In Minnesota

I have been back in Minnesota for almost one week. I've managed to attend one Impeach for Peace meeting in Minneapolis, a Drinking Liberally, had a chance encounter with Becky Lourey while waiting for the Minneapolis Writer Chick to finish a class session at the Loft, and went on a weekend road trip into the Northwoods and Duluth, passing out a few more impeachment handbills and looking into the status of the Pine Island Bog.

I'll eventually write a post about some of this.

The most interesting thing I have to say right now is that Becky Lourey is writing a book.

More trivial information, quickly, is that there are a lot of small presses/fanzines operating in the Northwoods and Duluth. I'll eventually review some of their articles.

The Minneapolis Writer Chick and the wages of sin (a check from Erica Campbell) made the foray into the Northwoods survivable. A flat tire in Grand Rapids made sure that I pumped more money than I actually have into the Eighth Congressional District's economy.

Spanish camp instructors dancing at Jammers' in Turtle River on Saturday night, making eyes with K*, my favorite former bartender in Bemidji, and seeing the cotton-grass in seed on the bogs in the Pine Island State Forest were the highlights of the trip (that I can talk about in polite company).

This week I am working on putting together a fanzine. Track me down if you have something to contribute or want some sort of advertising in the thing. First run on the prototype will be more than a thousand copies, be distributed across the state here in MN, especially Duluth and the Twin Cities, and at topless/bikini parties in Chicago.

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