Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Overthinking Impeachment; More substantial posts soon

If you are impatient for another post here, I am sorry, I've got a few real world actions to attend to today (I'll be passing out pro-impeachment handbills on Nicollet Mall, etc.), but there is a fresh post of mine up now on DailyKos, the Impeachment Site! Please comment, recommend it and tip while it is still fresh: Overthinking Impeachment.

Soon, I need to have some sort of fundraising event to enable my next big pro-impeachment, grassroots-supported media spectacle with my pornstar friends in Vegas if possible, or with more impeachment handbills on the mall if that is all the fundraiser allows. I am thinking, for starters, of some sort of dinner and tourguide event, like "Dancing with the (Blog) Stars". For a few hundred bucks per head I could cook you something, feed you some beers, and than take you out dancing with the Minneapolis Writer Chick and the usual crowd at The Front and other clubs. We could do a trial run this Friday night (9:30 PM - 3AM). Let me know if that sounds interesting, or if I need a better idea...

There will be more posts soon, as time allows, but I do have to start making some money (even though a bit of it must be in US Dollars). I'd rather do that in an absolutely unconventional manner, like Paris Hilton or perhaps Ron Jeremy does... appearances and apparel. I'll get some t-shirts made soon.

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