Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Problem with Impeachment - Congress vs. Commerce

I've taken in a lot of advice and inspiration that I have applied to politicking from Seth Godin, even though he really counsels against politics as an arena to practise this art.

Now that we've seen nearly zero public, official progress from Congress on impeachment, and we have seen widespread organizing and support for it within and outside of the Democratic party, and the recent retirement of Cindy Sheehan, we need to ask ourselves, "Is it time to quit?" and if so, why?

Seth's new book "The Dip", from material about it on the web, looks like stuff I have been exposed to in leadership training sessions in the software/engineering industry. I am definitely going to go out and find someplace where I can sit down and read it.

This post on Seth's blog, One, a few, most or all might help us understand the special problem that faces us in lobbying for Congress, to - you know, do its job... and impeach! - is that typically you really only need a few people to put quiet pressure on Congress, on most members of Congress, to get some small bill passed that will bilk the taxpayers out of billions of dollars. Impeachment is being held to a higher standard. All members of congress are apparently needing to here support for H. Res 333 from most, not just a few of their constituents. This is unfair, in part, because barely a majority of Americans know that Cheney is the Vice President, and that a Vice President can be impeached. The fact that the media has failed to cover this historic moment, when articles of impeachment are in front of the House Judiciary Committee, neither helps or hurts, because most Americans really don't follow political news.

The fact that the news media is not covering this, is a very thin excuse for failure and inaction. I know how many calls have been pouring in. I've caused some small percentage of them, from people around the U.S. It is a hard trick, getting even a few to take a relatively simple step to preserve their own freedom, but I have done that work. I am not really willing to do the work of getting most to talk that step, certainly not alone, on my own meager resources, despite my uncanny ability to stretch those beyond realistic limits (ephemeralization).

Now, if I want to preserve my own personal freedom and autonomy, and I am willing to quit America, I only need to be concerned with the actions of one individual. Me. That is amazingly easier, and as soon as I am out, I can focus on work, being economically dynamic and being "a river to my people" who, for whatever reason, number as a small handful of bloggers, pornstars, and internet personalities.

So, I have done an amazing job in bringing the non-commercial message of impeachment to the people here in the states. Imagine what I will do to build a business, a new media empire to highlight the talents and cultural artifacts of that small circle of people who really impress me.

To do that, I just need to find that one, that needle in the haystack that wants to enable us, to spur us along to be free and creative and productive. One "Angel Investor" that will contribute about $75,000 USD (monopoly money, really) to put on a show,launch a website or two at summer internext, and then bolt off to some freer corner of the globe with harder currency and more political stability than the United States.

It is up to others to start defending their idea of what America is and what American democracy should look like. I am ready for a new dream, and I am ready to be in love, in a strange place, and learn to speak a new language. Those things make me happy. Congress just makes me sad. Especially Rep. Keith Ellison and even Rep. Tim Walz, who once said to me that he was concerned with the constitutional crisis. Time to prove it, bub, or admit that you are the same kind of sell out everyone else in Washington is.

I have no special love for either commerce or Congress, but if I was going to apply myself to mastering one, I think commerce would be less risky to my soul. Apparently in Congress, you can't speak up against illegal wars and the genocide we underwrite in the Arab and Islamic World.

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