Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sasha Grey - Penthouse Pet July 2007

Page Morgan and Penthouse Pet Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey (the smokey, sexy thing pictured above with blue-eyed Page Morgan) will be Penthouse Pet in the July 2007 Penthouse Magazine.

Sasha and I are on the same wavelength today as I am spending a lot of time thinking about William S. Burroughs (who I knew (know?), and who knew (knows?) me), Hassan i Sabbah and the assassins, the techniques and insights, the process of Brion Gysin, and of course, instruction in dreams. Reading her quote W.S.B., "nothing is true, everything is permitted" on her MySpace blog tripped me up a tiny bit.

I've known or met a couple interesting characters caught up in and who have written about Hassan-i-Sabbah, like Timothy Leary and Peter Lamborn Wilson/Hakim Bey.

Anyway, here is more meat on that topic, and other things I've stumbled across today:
Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted: A Deconstruction of the Last Words of Hassan-i-Sabbah

From the The Time Of The Naguals (which contained the delicious quote "One of the functions of the dream consists in enabling us to travel on our own time-track and putting us in relation to elements of our future life.")

Then there is this: The Last Word of Hassan-i-Sabah

Enjoy the freedom of inhabiting your bodies, and of uninhibited body-wearing beauties like Sasha! Enjoy it while there is still time! A few more pics in this post: Sasha Grey - Impeachment in Porn Valley

(I am out of good pics for the blog, girls! It is time to invite me to another party!)

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