Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back in the Black (black ink)

I am back in business. Thank you for your generous contributions to the (various) cause(s). Keep them rolling in, and earmark your gifts for one or more of the following:

  • agitation for impeachment and for more civic/grassroots participation here in the U.S.

  • the project with Page Morgan, internext, etc. We need cameras (digital video and better digital still cameras), better connectivity (hosting and DSL in our residences), laptops, hotel rooms and to be able to afford lawyers. This can also be used in the other projects, as time allows. We need an investment angel. I have mentioned this before...

  • compensation for my time spent on this infernal blog (in the hopes it will inspire more)

  • preparation for more work abroad (passport(s)/legal stuff, gear, plane tickets). I want to return to Aceh and document what I accomplished, and there are more natural disasters on the horizon there in SE Asia e.g. last week there was the threat of an eruption from Mt. Gamkonora. One reason beyond the overly burdensome 2257 regulations (still in flux) that I want to keep the project with Page Morgan non-nude or very softcore, now, is to preserve my ability to travel in that part of the world with out being lumped in with the worst kinds of pornographers, yet redeem some humanitarian impulse from secular, pervy America. It would also be nice to drag pretty girls along with me, to be(non-nude) spokesmodels for these projects (biodiesel from rubberseed, fair trade rubber, etc.)

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