Monday, July 30, 2007

The extra E: Sedgwick, Greene

The extra "E" in my last post about Edie Sedgwick and Petey Greene balanced out like an equation. I mentioned in an update to that post that I had realized that I had misspelled Sedgwick as Sedgewick, now I realize that I also misspelled Petey Greene's name, that extra "E" from Sedgewick belonged on the end of his name.

Another interesting review by David Corn is titled: 'Talk to Me': A Political Movie that Lacks Politics and is also very much worth reading.

There is an interview with Martin Sheen, of upskirt arrest pic fame, who spent as much time talking about his own activism as he did the role he played in Talk to Me. Here is the interview at by Frosty:
Martin Sheen Interview – TALK TO ME


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