Thursday, July 05, 2007

Full frontal nudity on a Minnesota politics blog...

The Wege beats me (again) in the race to bottom with a post including Full Frontal Nudity on a Minnesota politics blog.

I guess I am going to have to summon the courage to make more posts with nudity myself, or even possibly, posts of myself in the nude, lounging about with Page Morgan and Riley Mason, talking impeachment and self-promotion.

I promise, more nude pics are coming. I am waiting a bit though, until my legal backside is covered, and until I can get together with my favorite pornstars again, in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. In about a week... though the recent weather reports are ominous, it is one hundred and sixteen degrees Fahrenheit today in Las Vegas...

These folks were pretty determined there yesterday:

Las Vegas Antiwar Group Rallies July 4th
Hottest Protest Ever

With Las Vegas facing record temperatures this July 4th, a dedicated group of antiwar activists will gather in the midday sun for an unusual protest. As most Las Vegans relax in air-conditioned comfort, Nevada Workers Against the War will rally at noon to ask Nevadans to remember the troops in Iraq, who this coming August will be facing temperatures in excess of 130 degrees. At the same time, the group is issuing a challenge to members of Congress: Show solidarity with the troops in Iraq by turning off the air conditioning in the halls of Congress until the war is over.

“Timing the troop surge to peak in late summer, when patrolling under 50 pounds of gear is potentially lethal, just doesn’t make sense,” says Teresa Crawford, a Las Vegas nurse who has tracked U.S. military deaths from heatstroke. “Until Congress uses its authority to end this war, turning off their A/C would be a fine gesture of support for our troops.”

With banners, flags, and signs reading “ No A/C in D.C.” and “Turn Off the Air”, NWAW will call on Sen. John Ensign, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Shelley Berkeley, and Rep. Jon Porter to respond.

NWAW, a member of the Las Vegas Out of Iraq Coalition, has a three-year history of holding successful actions.

The protest will run from 12:00 noon to 1pm outside the Green Valley Library at Sunset and Green Valley Parkway, July 4th. For interviews, etc., contact Sean at 241-8578. Additional info, including previous media coverage, at

When I get back to Nevada, I can make the protests even hotter. With your help! I'll be making an appeal for gas money and other ridiculous but necessary expenses soon, and opportunities for co-promotion on this blog or in appearances, lectures, workshops, talks what-have-you at some point in the near future. Appearances in the nude even... as long as your local laws allow for that :)

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