Monday, July 02, 2007

Housekeeping - Gchat emoticons...

I don't know if they really call Gmail chat "Gchat", but I do... (perhaps they'll call it iChat, or iGchat, now they have that annoying iGoogle portal project)

...anyway, there are gchat emoticons!. The best one is the monkey, but the heart emoticon is also pretty sweet.

To boost my supposedly irrelevant PageRank, I've droppped two blogs from my blogroll (they had PR's of 1) and besides they did not update often enough. Jayman was here and Errant Progression are gone (despite the two recent and worthwhile posts Enough (on impeachment) and Letter to Senator Klobuchar (on self-canceling immigration related votes).

I really hate how Google's blogger links to and then indexes whole pages of a month's worth of archives, so I am going to play with removing that and linking to just the best posts individually, and throw my archive links on some other page. We will see if that breaks. It did. Oh well.

Other changes:

A new member of the Out of Iraq Blogger's Caucus was added, and I have added more authoritative, if less activist, blogs Informed Comment and Sic Semper Tyrannis on the sidebar for those of you not already completely burned out on the situation in Iraq and the supposed "Global War on Terror".

There would be a link to some magazine that has a column by a "A-list blogger" here in this post that article wasn't behind a subscription firewall. That nameless author's nameless article resonated a bit with how I currently feel about the utility of blogging, but it is behind that firewall, odd, for a champion of Open Source software. Anyway, I am leaving you with this instead, by someone else entirely: (from a post called "Arm Farting in the Blogosphere"):

Everybody's talking about Techmeme today...again. Scoble says he has all the inbound links and ought to be the top story about whatever the top story is at the moment. He's said basically the same thing before. Here's the problem with that: Scoble could write a post about arm farting and 30 or 40 people would immediately link to it, hoping he might link back. Scoble has more yes men than Michael Corleone and Michael Arrington combined.

In other words, all those people linking wildly to Scoble aren't doing so because they think he is the world's greatest authority on arm farting. They are simply holding out their hands eagerly and hoping Scoble will shake it (via a link) as he walks by. Getting a link from Scoble is almost as good as getting arrested with Paris Hilton. It's not Scoble's fault he's the king of the blogosphere any more than it's Paris Hilton's fault she's in jail.

All of which means that, at least at the top of the blogosphere, links are less about authority and more about popularity and power. Power to control admission to the in-crowd. Just like in life, some go radical and reject the system that excluded them. Others waive expectantly, hoping they'll get called over to play. Most are somewhere in between.
[Kent Newsome,]

I have got enough authority to make select pornstars more famous, but that is about all I am motivated to do right now. That and pack my shit and get ready to emigrate for that free health coverage in France (seen Sicko yet?), and for the fact that they haven't really invaded anyone since Tahiti, I think... (and thankfully, they've held on to that, I will think, if I get to be French).

I am going to stop being stressed about the damn war and impeachment, and start making money and dancing with pretty girls. Some place less evil. Soon. I am headed to Summer XBiz (in Las Vegas) and Los Angeles again soon, and hopefully that will lead to a valid passport and a revenue stream.

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