Monday, July 02, 2007

MySpace - Your account has been phished!

It is true, your MySpace is blocked! Tom is telling you account is blocked until you change your password, but you can't! The captcha never loads! Everybody is so frustrated, and is busy writing about it on their livejournal as you read this!
Stripper Geek tells all!

MySpace - Your account has been phished!

MySpace Phished - unblock account

It is very frustrating! We are all ready to riot! It is even worse than hearing that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has had his prison sentence commuted!.

Update: The captchas have started to load, and MySpace accounts can be unlocked, but it seems to be clear from the reports I have read on other blogs about this that no phishing in this case was involved, but MySpace was reacting to a user sending a message that it identified as spam. In my case, I had just posted a comment on one of my friend Jayman's photos, that it mistakenly identified as spam. "Nice, but where are the tits?"

MySpace needs to tone down its alarming language, because phishing and having a password stolen is a pretty big deal for many users, though it would obviously be stupid to use your MySpace password on other accounts at the same time... many people do. I don't, but I still went through a paranoid process to try to fix this and figure out what if anything had been compromised, and cleared useful cookies and objects from my browsers in futile attempts to get the captcha to load. I have been wondering when MySpace will finally catastrophically fail... this wasn't it, but it came closer to exceeding tolerable the risk/utility ration of MySpace for me.

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