Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Norwegianity ad problem

Awhile ago, I tried to help Mark at Norwegianity out with his cash crunch. He wrote he was behind his server bill, needed money for Yearly Kos, and that his checking account balance was perilously low, etc. I had some sympathy for his situtation, because my blog makes maybe $200-300/mo if I am really lucky, and I have another $500 in fixed income every month. I refuse to work a conventional job for wages while the war would continue to be funded from any part of the tax on those wages. So Iam poor too, and usually scraping by on the charity of those that truly value my activism or ability to instruct them on internet stuff or guerilla marketing/propaganda.

He wrote that he would run ads for money:

And yes, I'll take ads. Not as part of a network, but à la carte. I'm not sure what product or service would benefit from being touted on this page, but if you think it worth your time, send your ad on a CD along with some money and we'll let the market determine how many days your check results in (if you're the only one, expect a good long run). Images should be 196 pixels wide, and as long as necessary.

And that's that. No other reminders, and I doubt I'll be able to make myself ask again. Already my ears are burning from typing so much so I'll leave it at this. Anyhow, it's time to heat up that leftover beef ball soup from breakfast.

I scraped together $75 and bought the promise of ads, warning him that I was not going to promote my blog (this blog is more or less useless, now, a bad habit for me and any regular readers I might still have), or the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich for President, because I really believe that politics has failed us at this point. I made it very clear that I was excited to promote Page Morgan, who I have some potential to create a business of sorts with, of an as of yet undetermined nature, but most likely not hardcore porn. Page Morgan, like the Minneapolis Writer Chick and perhaps the bartender at Drinking Liberally, is one of the most - no only - humans that continue to inspire me, who I actually know. And I feel like I am doing too little, too late to get something neat going with Page - right now I should be in LA, getting things going with her and Riley Mason, but I have ended up doing more impeachment work and political shit out of habit and routine and not been aggressive enough about restarting my former soft-core porn empire, which I think was pretty progressive, socially responsible and feminist, which might be hard for some of the old-guard DFL/Andrea Dworkin survivors to believe, but they do equivocate all hetero sex as rape, anyway, and they won't be pleased by anything that I can be passionate about.

So here are the dumb as I was working on to run on Mark's blog when he freaked put and said he'd refund my contribution, unless I wanted to run a different sort of ad:

Seksi love Page Morgan, punk porn starlet

Pretty punk girl Page Morgan and her shoulder tattoo

That second one is the first one he saw, and it does look a little like she might be naked, and that would be a bad thing.

Anyway, since I need to make money to pay for my upcoming trip to Summer Internext, I will resell my ad space on if you have something to advertise the Wege might find acceptable, perhaps some boring, small progressive concern or perhaps some politician's candidacy to announce.

I have nothing of the sort to be excited about. I have only Peace (off the table), Love (rather hard to make a graphical ad for), and Erica Campbell (and other Pretty Girls) continuing to inspire me to do anything, and more and more that all happens off-line. I am trending towards more print, and more face-to-face, but I suppose I could move someplace that was not at war and go back to being a geek for hire, admin servers and code to afford to live some mildly creative and definately more comfortable lifestyle than I have allowed myself these last 5 years.

So I'll trade that ad + and maybe some graphic work, SEO work, or plugging the same ad into my own sites for cash or a couple of roundtrip plane tickets from MSP to Miami in early August (I want to be able to take the Writer Chick with me). There, I hope someone doing business in Europe will throw me a lifeline. I really don't belong here any more.

E-mail me: impeccableliberalcredentials {at} gmail [dot] com and we can work something out.


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