Friday, July 27, 2007

Talk to Me; Factory Girl

There is a competent writeup of a very good film up on The Ponkey: Petey Green, a review of Kasi Lemmons' new movie Talk to Me.

I was impressed with the movie, it is worth seeing for many different reasons, and being me, I liked the political elements, the social justice/social responsibility element, the consideration of the value of media, authentic voices in media to the community, and the dynamic between the establishment in all its forms but especially risk adverse established business interest and outsider talent with something to prove who possessed information of vital impoprtant and currency to the larger public...

In a far less abstract way the story is set in a completely cohesive world with wild characters and great music, sex and realistic and heartbreaking violence.

I have also just seen Factory Girl, which has also caused me to consider the costs and benefits of fame, the ways in which the media environment has changed in the decades that transpired between the unpopular and doomed Viet Nam war and the unpopular and doomed warring we engage in today. It also caused me to track down and read this interesting interview of Bob Dylan, which makes only the briefest mention of Edie Sedgewick. Bob Dylan does not paint his relationship with Edie as significant, or his relationship with Andy Warhol as oppositional, like Factory Girl does.

I might write a bit more about this film later, but there are also two more movie to watch in the queue. Despite the negative treatment of fame in these two films ('Talk to Me' and 'Factory Girl') if you really desire fame, especially vulgar, interesting fame like Edie Sedgewick had (and you are a pretty girl with a lot of money) hit me up. I can amplify, record and maintain your meteoric rise to 'superstar' status on the internet in exchange for you covering my expenses and enabling a little travel to interesting places. "Would you like to be in one of my movies?"

Update: Of course I misspelled "Edie Sedgwick" but I reserve the right, the only real remaining right that we have as Americans, to misspell and mispronounce words and names. I think I also have to pay more attention to what it is exactly Andy Warhol said to Edie to draw her into his world... The other movies we are watching, and might have reviews of soon are the Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi trilogy.

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