Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Minneapolis - 35W Bridge Collapse

A freeway bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River in Minneapolis during the evening rush hour. This span, like much of 35W was under construction, and parts of 35W have been closed periodically, multiple lanes were closed, so hopefully there wasn't as much traffic on it as there otherwise would have been. It is a bridge I took often, on my way to Drinking Liberally on Thursdays, or on Friday and Saturday nights on my way to go dancing at The Front.

As far as I know, everyone I know is safe, but tlocal TV news reports there are at least 6 fatalities, 38+ seriously injured, etc.

A mob of bloggers and geeks are reporting in real time at MNSpeak, the online Minneapolis water cooler discussion site.

The Ponkey - Minneapolis Writer Chick was at an event near there, at St. Anthony Main when it happened. She had to walk back home across the Stone Arch Bridge.

Cellphone service is better now, but had been difficult.

Update: There are a few technical reports from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDoT), available online documenting this bridge which is known as Bridge 9340 (see also wikipedia: I-35W_Bridge)


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