Friday, August 17, 2007

Sasha Grey: Where's our Revolution?

The following quote from Sasha Grey's MySpace Blog, there are lots of thoughtful comments from fans and a few other porn industry people there:

I was on set a few weeks back and a PA told me I would have made a great flower child. When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be a hippy. Then I realized, that the movement failed for a reason, it was flawed like communism, socialism, etc. We all fancy some of the ideas, or principals but in the end they didn't work out (for the most part). Our culture (my generation specifically) is so obsessed with ideas and movements of the past. Yet we're living in a time of war, and they don't take their interests of past movements to generate a new revolution. I am a hypocrite myself. I am not out on the street protesting, I'm not gathering with like-minded individuals, and I sure as hell don't have the time. In writing this I hope to inspire everyone and ask, where is our march? Where are our petitions? Where the fuck are our minds? I know there are a few petitions out there that I have signed, but it's not enough. I feel like we are at the same place we were in '73 just with more problems, and less visions of rising to the occasion to make a change. Shit, the French have more protests in a month than we have had in six years-at least it feels that way. I'm sick of seeing innocent people dying, and innocent people being indicted for obscenity charges-but hey that's a whole other subject.

[Sasha Grey, on MySpace]

There is a pic of Sasha in the sidebar here, with an "IMPEACH!" sticker in her mouth. That helps, Sasha! We can do more in Nevada and California in the days and weeks before the Nevada Caucus (timing works well with AVN Expo and Internext) and the California primary. We could probably also create some free speech/pro-porn/pro-sex resolutions to submit (at the same time as peace related resolutions) by caucus goers, if there is any personal or industry interest in that...

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