Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11: Primaries, Protests, Pontificating

It is September 11th, and here in Minnesota there are primary elections, most notably in Duluth, where there are contests for mayor and city council. Polls are open unil 8 PM, and if you happen to be reading me in Duluth, I urge you to go vote in the DFL Primary for Don Ness.

In Minneapolis, there will be events at the University of Minnesota, in support of the striking AFSCME workers, who deserve a fair contract, now. See the letter to U of MN President Bruininks from State Representatives Mary Murphy and Tom Rukavina in this post from SkyBlueWaters.org for context.

I might end up pontificating about caucuses, impeachment and peace at the event tonight at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market - Glenwood and Lyndale - 7 PM.

Six years ago I woke up (in Saint Paul, MN) to radio reports that a small plane had struck one of the twin towers at the World Trade Center, and I thought - that does not make sense. When it was reported in an update that it was possibly a hijacked jetliner, that there was indications terrorism was involved, and reports of more airliners hitting other buildings, even a car bomb at the Treasury building in D.C., I was - strangely - more sure I knew what was going on, and what the warnings and higher state of alert had been about... and just the day before I had read media reports of the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud, and the North Texas Joint Terrorist Task Force raid on the ISP, InfoCom - which hosted the websites of al-Jazeera and other Arab language sites. I was like - here we go again and as soon as I could I found a TV and watched the rest of the days events unfold.

I was neither shocked or surprised. It is weird that most Americans were - as they had exactly the same opportunity to information and news that I did - they just chose to be more interested in ??? than foreign policy and small wars in far flung places, or more generally, history.

I had predicted - a few times since Bush's election - that we would get into some intractable war in Asia - but I hadn't quite pinned down whether the enemy would be, in Orwellian terms, Eastasia or Oceania.

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