Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who is the Twin Cities’ Unintentionally Funniest Leftyblog?

You can vote for me and my musing pornstar friends in this poll: Who is the Twin Cities’ Unintentionally Funniest Leftyblog?.

I'd rather describe myself being for peace than "on the left", and I'd rather be described as being passionately for beer and tits than in political terms. Yet civic engagement is important - and if you are for free speech and for sex (who isn't?) you need to caucus and be heard, seen and counted, cast ballots and introduce resolutions to your party's platform...

Here in Minnesota your opportunity is Tuesday, February 5th at 7PM and there is more power to be had caucusing with a major party - really just the DFL or the GOP, than in sitting on the sidelines and feeling aloof about being Green or a member of the Constitution Party, etc.

The naked pics (of Erica Campbell) will be back as soon as my post about the Sumatra quakes are off of the front page! If I can get a lawyer and some capital, I've got nude pics to post of Page Morgan, too!

Also please note: The Iraq Moratorium occurs on Friday. General Strike! Viva la Revolucion!


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