Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bill Clinton visit to Minnesota - Tuesday Oct. 23rd

President Bill Clinton will be visiting Minnesota on Tuesday, Oct 23rd and I'd love to be able to afford to chat with him about Aceh. So I would like to raise or earn a couple thousand dollars to be able to afford this in these next ten days.

My interest in Bill Clinton is in understanding what happened to his pledge to rebuild Aceh, after the tsunami and the end of the civil war, to rebuild Aceh better than it was before.

I have made a few posts about Aceh over the last couple years:

20/Aug/06 - One year anniversary of Aceh peace deal

21/Sep/06 - Aceh troubles continue - IDPs clash with police over distribution of assistance

16/Nov/06 - Aceh elections require more monitors - Antara

21/Nov/06 Aceh Elections - Jakarta Post mentions Panga

25/Dec/06 - Another sign the new peace in Aceh is causing rapid deforestation

25/Dec/06 - Poor construction of tsunami victim’s homes

26/Dec/06 - Two Year Anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami

Documentary - rubber farming - Sumatran forest fires - Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell, etc. (Obviously the longer I am here in the U.S. the less practical and the less hopeful I become)

Update: A slightly improved form of this post is now up on DailyKos - Bill Clinton to visit Minneapolis; Aceh and NSFW Boobies


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