Thursday, October 04, 2007

Peace In The Desert - Las Vegas Peace Festival

Get ready for 'Peace In The Desert........A Watering of Love!'

On October 13th the desert valley will receive a long overdue 'Rainfall of Love' .......provided by the First Annual Las Vegas Peace Festival

This festival will promote educational ways of finding inner peace through the arts,music, personal health and wellness practises. This event, held at The Box Office in the downtown Arts District, is FREE..... hosted by local peace awareness groups including The Las Vegas Peace Project, the Human Reclamation Project #5 and Expressions of Fine Artists, to name just a few. Our agenda is to strengthen and expand community awareness of much more our valley has to offer under its seemingly hard, tough exterior of flashing lights and the tourist attractions of the Strip.

Artists and musicians will be performing while local businesses provide alternative ways to reduce the daily stress of living in the desert. This will be an indoor and outdoor event.... nourishment for the whole family from 4PM-11PM. The Las Vegas Peace Festival intends to become the ground breaking source in our desert which provides ways/methods/connections to keep watering our minds, bodies and souls with peace. A peace which nourishes all aspects of our lives and extends to those who visit our desert home.

The Box Office is located at 1129 Casino Center Blvd. South

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