Friday, December 07, 2007

Iowa, Corn, Subsidies, Diabetes, Corn Syrup, Feed Lots, GMOs

Iowa, corn, subsidies, diabetes, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and feed lots - these are the principal evils of this world, and they all come crashing together in the new independent documentary King Corn.

The King Corn review by the Iowa beverage heiress known as The Ponkey tears into the ugly heart of our emotional dependence on corn-sweetener based foods that along with corn-fattened beef, is killing us, as surely as it is killing the cattle in the confinement feedlots. Yes, the film tells us, the cattle in the feedlots would die if they continued to eat their cheap corn-based feed.

King Corn was good, very good, and it is headed to Iowa-

  • Algona, Iowa — December 8: Berte’s Back Nine, 7pm

  • Sioux City, Iowa — December 9: Orpheum Theater, 4pm

  • Greene, Iowa — December 10: Greene Community Center, 7pm

  • Waterloo, Iowa — December 11: Crossroads Theater, 7pm

  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa — December 12: CSPS, 7pm

  • Eldora, Iowa — December 13: Grand Theater, 7pm

  • Cedar Falls, Iowa — December 14: College Square Theater, 7pm

  • Clear Lake, Iowa — December 15: The Lake Theater, 4pm

  • Fairfield, Iowa — December 16: The Co-Ed Theater, 11 am

This is more exciting and more rare of an opportunity to confront our need for change, more so than any Oprah or Obama appearance. If you are in Iowa, you must see this film!

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