Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rielle Hunter - Enquirer story back online...

The Rielle Hunter/John Edwards love child story is back online at the National Enquirer.

BigHeadDC has posts questioning whether or not Hillary Clinton had enough influence at the National Enquirer to cause the scandal to be published (or I suppose suppressed) through connections with a National Enquirer owner, Roger Altman and whether or not Donna Shelala, Gannett boardmember, could have delivered the Des Moines Register endorsement (and candidate exclusions?) for Hillary.

These are trivial questions compared to these fundamental questions: do Hillary Clinton and John Edwards deserve to be considered as nominees for the Democratic Presidential endorsement after conspiring to exclude other candidates from debates, and do the votes cast by Clinton and Edwards for the war fit with the public's desire for the next President to end the occupation of Iraq and prevent the next war with Iran?

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