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Rielle Hunter - John Edwards love child update: The Nation OpEd on Yahoo News

An update on the Rielle Hunter affair, this morning I was searching for more sources and commentary on the National Enquirer "bombshell" and came across this supposed Oped from The Nation on Yahoo News1, but on searching The Nation site itself - nothing.

If the story is true, John Edwards is finished as a contender for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

The story is the National Enquirer top-of-the-page cover article -- which is set to go on sale at the checkout counters of the supermarkets and drug stores of Iowa, New Hampshire and the other 48 states Wednesday morning -- that claims the former senator from North Carolina is the father of a soon-to-be-born "love child."

The article claims Edwards, who has long burnished an image as the consummate family man and whose wife Elizabeth is a key player in his campaign, had an 18-month affair with female staffer who traveled with the candidate during the current campaign. According to the Enquirer, which is indeed a supermarket tabloid but which has at least some history of breaking sordid political stories that turn out to have credibility, the staffer is now six-months pregnant and hiding from the media.

I am confused as to why The Nation would call an affair and a pregnancy something that would effectively end the John Edwards bid for the nomination... John Edwards initial support for the war against Iraq and his unwillingness to support single payer universal healthcare are greater sins (for someone running as a supposed progressive champion) than run of the mill "weakness of flesh". John Edwards apparently has enough money to support multiple wives...

1 This link has been changed to the link on Democratic Underground, as the original link is now broken. The original source for this blockquote was:

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Blogger Darla said...

Oh, this is plenty worse than Newt Gingrich, if true. If true, Democrats should stop talking about Gingrich giving divorce papers to his wife (who did not die of her cancer) in the hospital.

My take is that the story is coming from Rielle Hunter herself. She has a multi-million dollar claim on a multi-millionaire ($55 million Edwards fortune). She has no reason to want him to be president, rather the opposite. The original story in August came from her "friend" and this update comes from . . . where? Who told the National Enquirer that Rielle moved to Chapel Hill, NC and gave them the exact address? Possibly even the obstetrician's address! Its from Rielle and she wants this presidential thing over with and she doesn't want to go on living in hiding.

That Edwards paid her $115,000 for unusable campaign videos is evidence that something's fishy. Did Andrew Young OK that $115,000 for his girlfriend? Where did that money come from? Who is supporting Ms. Hunter now in a gated community of million dollar homes? Who is supporting Andrew Young and his family? Where does he work now?

And, yes, its all legitimate for him to be asked. John Edwards uses his wife's cancer in his ads. I've heard him recite a story of having to leave a restaurant when he was a child because it was too expensive for his father. In other words, he uses his "personal" life to his advantage. He'll have to take the good with the bad. If 40+ years ago is relevant to who he is, then this is relevant to who he is. If its true.

6:47 PM  
Blogger ImpeccableLiberalCredentials said...

Even if it is not true, this an opportunity for bloggers to capture lots of traffic from people who are interested in Edwards candidacy, and refocus attention on other aspects of John Edwards behavior, platform, etc.

I would focus it on his vote forthe 2002 AUMF for Iraq, which I believe disqualifies him as a potential Democratic Presidential Nominee.

This also opens up the opportunity to dialogue about the merits and failings of serial monogamy vs. simultaneous marriage, and generally sexual ethics.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Darla said...

Just so's you don't miss it, your kos diary got linked at kausfiles ( and with praise.

To the point of John Edwards candidacy itself: I read comments on DailyKos about John Edwards and it is so depressing that people with good intentions buy John Edwards baloney. The man is utterly shameless. Even the rationale for continuing his candidacy while his wife of almost 30 years has terminal cancer is, IMO, utterly shameless: "In the quiet of a hospital room after 12 hours of tests and very bad news, Elizabeth and I decided . . ." Why in hell would he talk about his presidential campaign with her after 12 hours of tests and very bad news? Who would do such a thing? To me, it makes this Rielle story much more plausible because it is so obvious that John Edwards had moved on emotionally from Elizabeth before that hospital room scene. Yeah, she wants to continue the campaign.
A man with a $55 million fortune could easily find other things that she'd want to do, too.

8:26 AM  

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