Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Calls a Kucinich Supporter in NH

In a desperate ploy, the Clinton campaign has made Chelsea available to the press, and reportedly she spent several minutes of her two hours press availability calling through a GOTV list and lecturing a Kucinich supporter about our responsibility to some Iraqis, e.g. the loyal ones (loyal to America, duh!):

The former First Daughter has been reluctant to do much in public for her mother�s campaign besides shake hands on the rope line. But yesterday, as the campaign�s prospects in New Hampshire looked increasingly grim, a few reporters were invited to watch her make a round of about a dozen calls at the campaign�s phone bank in Dover.


Finally after about 15 minutes Chelsea reached a real voter. �Oh, Louis, hi this is Chelsea Clinton calling. I was calling to talk to you about voting for my mother tomorrow. This is really Chelsea. Have you made a decision yet? It�s very hard. Do you have any questions?

She nodded as the voter spoke. �I can certainly tell you what she has said about Iraq.�

Chelsea then spent several minutes delivering a nearly exact replica of Hillary Clintons� spiel on Iraq, the need to plan for withdrawal, and to take care of the 100,000 American civilians in Iraq.

�One thing I�m really proud of her for is saying that we have a responsibility to all of the Iraqis who supported us,� she said. �One of my best friends is a Marine captain. She talks about him sometimes, anonymously, in her speeches. He has told us so compellingly that that he never would have survived without their Iraqi translator.�

After a bit more chatting, Chelsea said, �well, I hope you do let that influence your choice.�

After hanging up, Chelsea reported that the voter was a likely Kucinich supporter.

[Marcella Bombardieri, Political Intelligence, Boston.com]

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