Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Edwards concession speech in NH

All of the medical-related examples in Edwards speech will not be fixed by Edwards own plan - his plan keeps for-profit insurance in the picture, instead of actually guaranteeing comprehensive, universal medical care by single-payer. For profit insurance will always seek to maximize coverage by denying claims and refusing care to patients. Our citizens deserve better. We can do Single Payer Universal Healthcare.

See my previous post on the Edwards theme, "too many voices not heard in our democracy." Fundamentally, the biggest problem with the Edwards candidacy is his vote for the 2002 AUMF against Iraq, his calculation that the great sin of war was worth committing in order tp project a political persona that was not "weak on defense" in preparation for his pursuit of higher office. After that, the fact that his fake populism is full of complaints and insufficient remedies, falling far short of popular progressive goals, is not a fatal character flaw, but not inspiring, either.

In Iowa, Edwards essentially tied with Clinton for second place, but in New Hampshire he had less than half of the votes of either of the frontrunners. Edwards did get four delegates out of New Hampshire, though, according to

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