Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama's Iowa victory a boost for Kucinich, bodes well for him in New Hampshire

Obama's clear victory in Iowa, who was in a virtual dead heat with the other supposed front-runners, after Kucinich pledged his campaign's second ballot support for Obama, is a sign of the power of Kucinich's leadership and endorsement.

The fact that Dodd and Biden have now dropped out should pave the way for re-inclusion of Kucinich in future debates.

Edwards and Clinton have received a very punitive sanction from Iowa Democratic caucus attendees for their votes to authorize the war in Iraq in 2002, plus Edwards and Clinton collaboration to exclude other candidates from the debates.

This all bodes well for a measurement of the support for Kucinich (and real plans to end the war in Iraq and deliver Single-Payer Universal Healthcare nationwide)in the January 8th primary in New Hampshire!


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