Friday, January 18, 2008

Soren Sorensen for U.S. Senate; Iraq Moratorium #5

I am seeking the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party's (DFL) endorsement for U.S. Senate. I have set up a blogspot blog as a placeholder website: Soren for Senate.

It is not fancy, but it has some important links. Expect a lot more in the coming days and weeks!

I realized that I have to get in it, because it is again Iraq Moratorium Day (#5), (so I am a month late in making a formal announcement) and because this morning I read this inside cover quote in praise of an important book, by Jim Hightower

Agitation is essential for progressive reform. But agitation without organization equals frustration. In this book, Wellstone Action shows you how to combine the two for success.

I'll probably improvise too much, not stick precisely to the winning recipe outlined in that book, but together we can build an organization that will alleviate some of that frustration we feel from agitating for the change, the peace, the justice and the love we want in this world, but aren't delivering for ourselves in our party and our government.

We have to make our government work for us again. We have to take responsibility and action to inject the political will into the process to get accountability for the mis-leadership and criminality of the Bush/Cheney Administration. We can do that when we caucus on February 5th.

Let's keep in touch, make good plans, and follow through!



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