Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frustration in politics?

Things I know:

There remains a lot of support for ideas absent in the media and public campaigns of "viable" candidates. This is why resolutions are important, and creating support for the best resolutions - seeing them supported statewide is an opportunity for activists right now.

There are opportunities for people who did not try or did not succeed in advancing as delegates out of precinct caucuses - volunteering with party units that will run the upcoming conventions, volunteering with campaigns. Some delegates to higher level conventions may be elected, as some party officers may be, from conventions they did not become delegates to. This is something I may explain in more detail when I have time.

The perception that caucuses were not well run in some places, that the DFL did not invite meaningful participation at caucuses for most attendees, and the lack of opportunities to support ideas that are not part of the Mainstream Media narrative of the campaigns is a sign that we need to learn to handle frustration when we feel it, and work harder for success in telling our own political stories, retain and develop an ability to hold focus on our priorities, try to tune out media that won't honestly portray what is happening accurately.

There is a certain kind of magic to working with your focus and intentions and emotions that is critical if we want to force our party and our government to allow self-representation. There are hard working volunteers that are focused on making this work. Join them if you can help hold this focus on the grassroots opportunity, keep your commitments, learn enough to become competent as an advocate for yourself, your friends, your neighbors.

Look for the meaningful invites. Avoid the spectacle.


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