Friday, February 08, 2008

I think I am giving up politics or blogging for Lent

I haven't decide which yet. I am not giving up on hope, or love. I have taken some babysteps towards becoming more conventional, trying to please the ex-girlfriend, and participate more fully in consensus reality (meals eaten out of the house together, in restaurants, sending bouquets on Valentine's, etc. - maybe even someday the Roman holiday) but I am not giving up on persuading more of you to exercise your sovereignty and to create with me a more just, more exciting world! I am not giving up being naughty, being impressed with helicopters and logistics, wanting to deliver BustyRelief or pioneer new fair trade routes for strategic commodities and things that just smell good.

I have a new $2 a day candle habit, and a blossoming relationship with the Virgin Mary.

Please let me know if you caucused DFL, became a delegate or submitted one of my resolutions. I am pretty serious about this peace thing, but also a little lonely.

Please also pray for me, and that my girlie takes me back. I miss her, a little, but I have positive, hopeful expectations. And I am strangely - learning to relax and have faith.


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