Monday, May 19, 2008

Made it back to Bloomington

Made it back to Bloomington today, which is great because then I can go to yoga tomorrow w/o a stiff back from hours of driving and after a proper shower (water was turned back on at the lake house today, but I was in a hurry to get back on the road).

I brought back my Burmese books but couldn't find the tapes, and I am still missing my passport. I also brought back the computer desk I bought at IKEA in an attempt to save my relationship w/ Christine and keep kompy (my desktop) in her Virgo-perfection apartment. That was before I got as good as I am getting at using the Law of Attraction (this link is to MySpace TV - Esther Hicks on OPRAH), and I was trying to magic my way back into another trip to Vegas w/ Page Morgan, yet I was deeply in love with and becoming very attached to Christine.

Today I was thinking about Reader's Digest while driving, and later pulled over at the Dunn Bros. in Monticello to stop for coffee, stretch and empty my bladder and there was a Reader's Digest, jammed half open into the stainless steel railing in an otherwise immaculate and overly crafty bathroom.

I listened to a Dale Carnegie audio book while driving, and started to miss the corporate life I touched and was so maladapted to in the dot-com days. I was really trying on the role of supergeek, pushing myself to master Enterprise Java in my off hours, adopting the mannerisms of stereotypical geeks and my most out of touch biology professors. If I had only had a "positive mental attitude" and some of these success manuals with me, instead of trying to be autistic Linux/Java man, I might have been comfortable with the management type gigs that people kept pushing me into, and I'd be a gazillionaire now. Next time, next time!

One of the useful principles in the Jack Canfield success manual I have been reading and carrying around was to use drive time (or TV watching time) to listen to motivational audio books. Beats hearing MPR repeat the news six times during rush hour!


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